Corporate Address
Kuwait Drilling Company K.S.C (KDC)
P.O. Box 9066
Ahmadi 61001, Kuwait
Tel. +965 398 1598/9
Fax. +965 398 8138
Welcome To KDC
Kuwait Drilling Company provides a wide range of world-class well-drilling and related services to the oil gas extractive industries. The company engages in all aspects of drilling, deep exploration, medium and shallow drilling activities, as well as work-over services that enhance the productivity of existing oil wells. In addition we offer support services for operations, such as water well services, and logistics. We also provide advice and consulting services on the type of drilling package and the crew expertise required for particular projects.

News @ KDC
February 02, 2015
KDC 29 Three Years LTI Free
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February 02, 2015
KDC 17 Twelve Years LTI Free
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Certifications and Affiliations
OHSAS 18001:1999
OHSAS 18001 is an Occupation Health and Safety Assesment Series for health and safety management systems.
International Association of Drilling Contractors IADC
KDC is a member of the international Association of Drilling Contractors IADC